"We have been using Nutra-Glo™ for 8-10yrs, and I see the same results year after year. We use it on our sale horses, show horses, and breeding stallions, as well as the broodmares and the yearlings. I have never used a product that worked so well on every horse."

RH, Dublin Valley Farms, OH

“I never knew you could put so much weight on a horse so fast!”

EM, Dundee, OH

“Two things we like about Nutra-Glo™ for horses: first, concerning hair coat and weight gain, there’s nothing that will fit up a horse more rapidly and completely, and second, it does so without making them hyper.”

EM, Country View Acres, Shreve, OH

“I’ve been feeding Nutra-Glo™ for a couple years. It’s been doing a great job. If your horse needs more weight—topdress Nutra-Glo™, it works fast. If you want a nice hair coat feed Nutra-Glo™. It works great to show-prep horses. What I like about Nutra-Glo™ is that it gets a horse in shape, and it don’t make him crazy.”

Blacksmith, Bunker Hill, OH

"We feed Nutra-Glo™ to all our horses, because we see results. Nutra-Glo™ works from the inside out. It’s what we use for digestion aid, and immune support. It’s what we use to get our horses ready for shows and sales. It’s what we use for all the breeding stallions, to improve semen quality and overall health. It is easy to use, and very affordable."

HB, Bowman Equine Stables, Millersburg, OH

“I have 50 horses. I have put all my weanlings, yearlings, and brood mares on Nutra-Glo™. I recommend it to all my clients.”

S.T., Florida

"For 7 or 8 years Nutra-Glo™ has been our favorite horse feed supplement. It makes horses look better and feel better. It produces good muscle tone and the best of hair coats! Overall we have healthier horses with more energy and less problems. Our colts are also noticeably healthier, with better hair coats and less hay gut.
I believe Dondersteen (our Dutch Harness Horse Stallion) displays much of the above. We bred over 100 mares to him each of the last 2 years — and he stayed in top shape all along. So yes, we are very pleased with the product."

Alpine Farms, Dundee, OH